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Shopping Trip

June 1, 2010

Last week my husband complained that I haven’t been concerned enough about what we are eating for supper.  He comes home very hungry and loves when I cook Peruvian food.  It takes a lot of dedication to keep the ingredients on hand and a lot of preparation cutting everything up.  Deciding what to have for supper has often been a source of tension for us.  I admit that, yes, I had been slacking.  So I renewed my commitment and wrote out a list of dishes that I knew I could make.  I wanted to do that for my husband because he gets really cranky if there is not enough to eat or if it is not to his taste.

I’ve never tried menu planning or even shopped based on what I plan to cook that week.  I do not like the panic of not knowing what to make for supper so this is definitely the better way to shop.  I hope to keep these dishes in rotation:

  • Ají de Gallina
  • Lomo Saltado
  • Guiso de Papa
  • Estofado de Res
  • Coliflor Saltada
  • Seco de Res
  • Hígado Encebollado
  • Pollo a la Brasa (take out from a restaurant)
  • Sopa Criolla or Sopa a la Minuta
  • Huevos fritos con lentejas
  • Pork Chops
  • Combinado Norteño

On Wednesday afternoon I took Charlotte and Logan grocery shopping.  They rode in the car cart together for the first time.  Charlotte thought the little steering wheel was fun for about 30 minutes, but she wanted a nap and began to fuss.  This was a serious shopping trip and I needed more time.  I moved her up to the top part of the cart and buckled her in.  Because she is still small, the strap went right around her chest instead of her waist.  She dozed off and let the strap hold her weight.

. . .

car shopping cart

. . .

asleep in the shopping cart

. . .

We got home and since she was sound asleep I put her in the crib.  It was lucky for me because I still had to put all that food away and start preparing that night’s supper: Estofado de Res.  I had to peel and chop potatoes and carrots and cut the meat into small pieces.  I assembled all the ingredients on a large cutting board and looked over the recipe since it was new to me.

When Charlotte woke up and Margaret got home from school we went over to a friend’s house for a playdate.  After we came back from playing, I cooked.  It turned out really delicious!   I am going to add it to my recipe page soon, as well as the recipe for Coliflor Saltada.

. . .

estofado de res

. . .

We have eaten very well since I decided to try harder.  You really have to make a big effort if you want to enjoy Peruvian food.  My husband and I sometimes imagine what it would be like to live in Lima as elitists and employ someone to cook for us.   Mmmmm . . . que rico!

  1. June 2, 2010 8:03 am

    The kids look so cute.

  2. June 2, 2010 9:14 am

    Mmmm that looks so yummy! I love meal planning when I remember to do it… but our normal is just getting a bunch of groceries at the store and throwing something together every night… which my husband also does not love. 😉 You’re inspiring me to try harder. It’s amazing how well things can go when you put effort into it!

    See you later- zeke and I are excited to meet you all! 🙂

  3. June 2, 2010 1:04 pm

    OH.YUM! And what a great spouse~I must admit it frustrates me when my darling says he feels like we’ve been eating the same meals over and over again for a season. I’m in a rut myself during those times! LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi~LOOK at those LASHES!!!!! ~SWOON~

  4. June 2, 2010 6:39 pm

    wowee! good job! i know your hubby was happy. & your kidlets are adorable! 🙂

  5. June 24, 2010 11:48 am

    Ugh… making dinner. I used to hate it so much because I had no idea what to make and felt like I had made everything. So, against my natural character, I started to try to be organized. I make my grocery list based on the ads on Sunday and then I go on Monday morning. I have a small calendar that I keep our dinners listed so I know exactly when the last time I’ve made something. And it also helps me with ideas when I can’t think of a meal. It’s been so helpful to me and now dinner is stress free. Of course, I’m sure it’s way different for you when you have to make complicated meals! Good luck!!!!

    • June 24, 2010 11:33 pm

      Great Chris! It’s so nice to get the things you like on sale. Do you have any home grown vegetables to look forward to this summer? We helped our neighbors plant a community garden!

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