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Chicco Velocita Double Stroller

September 24, 2008

Here is the review that I wrote in 2006 for after owning the stroller for a few weeks.

I chose this stroller because of the price and because of the look of it. I got a brown/tan color. I wasn’t initially attracted to the navy blue pinstripe fabric, but you can see the other brown fabric pattern called “Notting Hill.”

. . .

chicco velocita double stroller

. . .

When I took it out of the box I was surprised at how short it is. I think I even laughed I was so shocked. My husband and I are both 5’5” so it works for us, but I can’t imagine how a taller person would be able to use it. When I am behind this stroller I don’t have any problems kicking the wheels or tripping myself, but I can’t speak for taller people.

When I first began looking at double strollers, I didn’t understand why some umbrella-style double strollers have a third handle in the middle. After using this stroller I now know that the middle handle allows you to steer with one hand (outdoors in wide open spaces) or to pull the stroller backward through a doorway while you are holding the door open with your other hand.

Sometimes I am embarrassed when I can’t get this stroller through a doorway on my first try, but eventually it gets through. Strangers usually take pity on us and help us by holding the door open. I am much more thankful when going somewhere with double doors that open automatically.

My children are both comfortable in it and enjoy being side by side. My son is 6 months old and weighs 19 pounds. The harness is too big for him and he can easily slip his arms out of it. Nevertheless with the recline I still feel like he is safe. I wish it would recline flat so that I could change my baby’s diaper while he was lying back in the stroller. As it is currently designed, diaper changing is possible but awkward. My daughter is 30 months and 30 pounds. The harness fits her when adjusted to its tightest position. How strange, since the stroller can only be used until she is 37 pounds. I don’t know why Chicco would make the harnesses so loose. I am however impressed that the harness buckle is covered by a wrap that reduces the children’s temptation to play with it or figure out how to unbuckle themselves. It is designed well in that respect. If they need to take a nap, they are both comfortable enough to fall asleep.

I love how easy this stroller is to fold and unfold. Using your right foot you push down on a lever and fold the stroller over onto itself. It collapses and you use a latch to secure it. To unfold it, you unlatch it and pull it upright. Then you put your foot on the backs of the baskets and apply pressure downward. I have to rotate pressure several times on each basket until they both click into place. Then I can unfold the canopies and adjust each seat to fit my children. I can easily lift it (folded) and put it into our trunk. I think it weighs 31 pounds.

It has lots of room in the double baskets below. We went to an amusement park and were so glad to have it. We fit our camcorder, camera, diaper bag, and towel into the baskets. Of course, if the seats are reclined, you have no access to the baskets. You can hang something light over the middle handle, but something heavy might make it tip.

Having the stroller at the amusement park was nice. The children got really hot with the fabric though; it doesn’t breathe at all. Also it’s not removable so if the baby has a major blowout, I’ll have to do my best to spot clean it by hand. That worries me. The sun shade is adequate. The rain cover that comes with the stroller is a joke. I think my children would cook in there (it’s pure PVC). It fits really nicely over the stroller and secures with tabs on all sides, but I would feel so guilty covering up my children in rainy, humid conditions because of how hot they would get.

I’ve taken this stroller over bumpy sidewalks with no problem. It is smooth even on bumpy grass at the park or if the sidewalk is in disrepair.

I feel like we got a really sturdy stroller for the money ($119) and I wouldn’t have paid $150 more for a Maclaren even though there are some differences in conveniences (washable, removable seat fabric, parent cup holder, storage pockets on hoods). If you have a limited budget you should get this stroller.

Two years have gone by, and I’ve let my account expire.  I’m probably not even allowed to claim these words as mine, but I’m linking to it and claiming ownership anyway.  We still like the stroller, but the two nylon loops that were attached to the back have disintegrated.  That might be because we store it outside on the balcony and it gets assaulted by the afternoon sun.  I cut the frayed remains off with scissors, and I can still use the black knobs to collapse it.  The functionality of the stroller wasn’t affected at all by the loss of those handles.

. . .

broken handle loops on my stroller

frayed loops make the handles useless, so I cut them off recently

. . .

We never did have a diaper blow-out that I dreaded when I wrote the original review.  I haven’t needed to worry at all about cleaning the fabric on the seats.  My daughter now weighs 43 pounds and I still allow her to sit in the stroller.  Don’t all parents test the weight limits of the parenting-made-easier products we buy?

I don’t know why I am bothering to review this double stroller, because it is not being manufactured anymore.  The Chicco Citta, a similar double stroller is not available either.  Maybe an executive decision was made that double strollers shouldn’t be sold so cheaply.  The Chicco C5 is available at a higher price (but still less than a Maclaren).  I guess if you come across a pre-owned one and are wondering how it will hold up, this review might be useful.

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  1. December 16, 2009 12:23 am

    I purchased a Maclaren twin stroller when I recently had beloved new born twin boys. After searching for twin strollers I came across the Techno and Triumph twin strollers and they looked promising. I ended up buying the Techno. I was surprised at how simple a maclaren twin stroller is to walk around town with. I have viewed parents using twin strollers before and they were wide and wide, but thats not a problem with this one. I am extremely happy to have come across these strollers. I hear they are great for a toddler and baby, not simply for twins. So anyone planning on having children close together might need to take a look, I recommend it.

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