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Davidson Homecoming 2006

June 4, 2008

For my fifth year class reunion, my husband and I left our children with my parents and went to Davidson College. We spent the night with my friend, had breakfast at Summit Coffee, explored the campus and went to the football game.

Our son was 7 months old and nursing about 8 times a day. I was swollen with breast milk. I saw some former classmates, but it wasn’t really worth the trip. My expectations must have been unrealistic, but I had imagined seeing more people there. The real “homecoming” was when my husband and I got back to our apartment and my parents handed our children back to us. My son cried as soon as he saw me. I really shouldn’t have left him, even if it was only for a day.

. . .

Davidson College campus swing

. . .

dogs dressed in Davidson College shirts

. . .

in front of the Davidson College Student Union

. . .

  1. June 4, 2008 3:15 pm

    Ok, I’m just gonna say what everyone is thinking… (err, me)
    How the heck are you so skinny after having a baby 7 months beforehand?

    And yes, traveleing away from baby for even a day can be painful if you don’t have a handy dandy breastpump.

    That doggy is so beautiful. Husky?

  2. June 4, 2008 4:00 pm

    My babies were mother suckas! 😀 Hahahaha, I just saw that phrase on bluemilk’s blog and it is making me laugh. I must have only weighed 108 in that photo. Now that my son has stopped breastfeeding I weigh 125 again. My husband thought the dogs were beautiful and requested a photo with them. The owner obliged, but I don’t know what kind of dogs they are. Probably huskies.

  3. June 4, 2008 10:26 pm

    Zang… if I weighed that little from breastfeeding, my 3 year old would still be doing it!!! I guess God knows these things and has a plan. Some of us actually have to work out and stuff. If I ever accidentally had another one, do you think I could order a mother sucka?

  4. June 4, 2008 10:41 pm

    Okay, I see the theme – you go to homecoming when you have a 7 month old baby! lol.

    I have never been to a homecoming event (college or high school), not even when I was actually still in school, come to think of it. I lived in my college town for about a year after graduating, and actually worked in one of the departments on campus for a few months (one in a series of temp jobs), and it was weird. I never felt comfortable being there once I’d graduated. Like I’d handed the school over to the undergrads, and didn’t belong there anymore.

    Maybe I’m weird. Did you feel any of that?

  5. June 5, 2008 8:00 am

    “motha sucka” lol!

    I enjoyed my 10-yr reunion okay, had the courage to talk to EVERYONE no matter what “group” they were in, and was surprised when they talked back to me as if that was normal. It made me realize that a lot of the barriers between us in HS was in my own mind and self-confidence… and some of it was in the fact that a lot of them used to be stuck-up jerks, lol. I went w my best friend and her DH so that helped, but other than her I didn’t have any freinds there, just acquantainces.

    I REALLY enjoyed DH’s TWENTY last year b/c he has a group of 5 buddies that he keeps up with and we all sat together and had the BEST time. I had MORE fun at his reunion. He had fun showing me off. *blush*

  6. June 5, 2008 8:02 am

    BTW, my soon-to-be Dh also went w me to my 10, that also helped… although BFF and I kinda left the 2 men w each other and went off and worked the room together. My man was OK w that, HERS was NOT.

  7. June 5, 2008 9:34 am

    Chris, the weight loss didn’t happen on purpose and obviously was too extreme. I wouldn’t wish that on you because it literally makes you feel like your baby is sucking the life out of you. 😦

    Deb, lol, I noticed that theme too. I always had/have the feeling of the campus belonging to others when I go to Davidson. But that is one of those thoughts that try to take over my subjective reality and is not really reality. I can manipulate my thoughts a bit because I want to make the most of my time there. I give myself “permission to feel” self-conscious and left out and then I put some distance between me and the feeling, you know?

    Goldie, I noticed that too. We were happy to see each other and share stories and we had all grown in our selfhood. It was fun for me to show off my husband and tell the story of how we met.

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