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The Disappeared

December 11, 2007

This song was written by Panamanian musician and politician Ruben Blades and sung by the group Maná to expose the fact that many governments “disappear” their own people. They are called “the disappeared” because they are silenced in death and their families do not get to properly bury them. I thought of it because former President Alberto Fujimori is on trial in Peru for human rights violations committed by the army during his administration.

The chorus translated into English goes like this:

Where do the disappeared go? Look in the water and in the brush
And why is it that they disappear? Because not all of us are equal
And when will they return? Each time our thoughts bring them back
How does one talk to the disappeared? With the emotion that wells up inside

Keep up with the trial, which started on Monday, to find out if Fujimori will spend the rest of his life in jail. Also, watch a video by the BBC about the forensic research being done to recover the bodies of the disappeared in Peru.


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