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Mouths Full of Candy

November 1, 2007

On Saturday, our downtown merchants, restaurants and banks handed out candy in a fun, children-oriented setting.  Although there was spooky music being broadcast on the street and a few people were dressed in the Scream ghost costume, it was nice for toddlers to have a middle-of-the-day-Halloween-lite.

There was a costume contest in the court square both for children and for dogs.  I saw a dog dressed as a spider.  We didn’t pay attention to the contest aspect, but it was amazing to see so many children dressed up for Halloween.  There were quite a few pirates and many animals like dragons, horses, dinosaurs, lions and my daughter the bunny.

Here is a picture of my son and daughter sitting on a shoe shining bench, their mouths full of candy.

mouths full of candy

Some of the art studios downtown had craft project stations set up instead of candy.  My daughter and son made bookmarks with glitter glue, markers, and googly eyes.  Then I had to carry the bookmarks, still wet with glitter glue, in my hand and walk with two toddlers up and down the sidewalks.  It was bad enough trying to convince my children of the necessity of holding my hands, but add the bookmarks, and we were lucky they were well-behaved enough not to run into the street.  And, I was bleeding in my underwear because, even though I knew I would get my period, I had pretended I wouldn’t get it walking down the street unprepared.  So we went to the public library restroom.  The library was giving out candy in the children’s section and hosting a pumpkin decorating activity in one of their conference rooms.  My husband picked us up there and took us home.

On Sunday, we went with my dad to a church “trunk-or-treat” party.  There was a craft project table inside where the children could decorate their own paper treat bags with markers and stickers.  There was a cake walk and a face painting station.  In the parking lot there were several cars whose open trunks were decorated for Halloween and whose owners were handing out candy.  Hence the name “trunk-or-treat”.

Here is a picture of my son and me at the craft table, choosing which sticker to put on his paper bag.

the craft

On Wednesday, the children got their last chance to wear their costumes this year.  In the afternoon we went trick-or-treating in the town where I grew up.  Even though I already acknowledged that I know about the delay in setting the clocks back, somehow I didn’t conclude that would mean the sun would still be up while we were trick-or-treating!  LOL!  So, we were out on the streets at 5:30 and it was still very sunny.  I was just glad it was a warm night, around 65 degrees when we started.

I parked the car close to the neighborhood famous for its great decorations and fun Halloween spirit, and we walked in through orange cones that had been placed at the entrance to prevent cars from interrupting the children’s Halloween experience.  I saw many people I recognized or knew well.  My son and daughter had a great time looking at all the decorations.  My son, who is just learning to talk, kept saying, “Boooo-oooo-ooooo” to the scary ones and pointing out all the squirrels, dogs and cats he saw.  My daughter enjoyed getting a little scared and being reassured that the costumes and decorations were just for fun.

Here is a picture from Halloween night, the 3rd time they’ve gotten dressed up this year.

our sunny Halloween night

The pumpkin costume has gotten a lot of wear, but it still looks brand new.  It may even re-appear next year, although it looks like I may have to pass it on to another family.

  1. Accountable permalink
    November 1, 2007 9:33 am

    That is way cool to get so many uses out of a costume. Other than the Halloween parties at school, ours were worn once. However, we should get many years of use from the doctor’s costume. We had to buy a child size small, he normally wears a 4T!. It was cuffed at least three times and pinned.

  2. November 3, 2007 12:15 am

    Adorable children!

  3. November 6, 2007 5:21 pm

    Very cute kids. Glad you had a good time!

  4. November 7, 2007 2:38 pm

    Are you going to put the doctor’s costume away, Accountable? If it were me, I might let them use it for playing dress up all year long. I like the image of “cuffed” and “pinned”. It makes me think of some kind of punishment, even though I know that’s not what you meant.

    Brenda and Brian, I appreciate your comments and compliments. 🙂

  5. Accountable permalink
    November 7, 2007 6:22 pm

    The kids really don’t dress up too much. I’m not sure why… Unless he goes through a major growth spurt, we ought to get a couple years out of that costume!

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