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Crane Adorable Humidifiers

November 1, 2007

The frog humidifier arrived yesterday from and is set up in my bedroom.  It is so quiet compared to the other brand we had before.   The ticking of the second hand on my daughter’s wall clock is even louder than the whir of the fan on these Crane humidifiers!

The output of water vapor is a little higher than the pig model, which we also have.  That just means I have to turn the knob to a lower setting in order to get the same amount of vapor in the room.  When taking the vapor lid off and turning the water tank upside down to refill it, I noticed a lot more condensation.  Definitely do the refilling with a large, folded towel on the floor so you don’t get your dresser or other table-top wet.

We don’t have any appropriate surfaces for this humidifier in our bedroom, so we have it on top of a large cutting board on the floor.

Frog Adorable Humidifier by Crane

The water vapor comes out of its eyes, much to the delight of my children.  They know it is not a toy, but they love watching me clean, wipe and refill it.  My daughter even likes to help me pour the last bit of water from the gallon jug into the tank.

If you want to see Crane’s official webpage on these Adorable Humidifiers, please go to and you’ll see this frog in the left column.  You can read the owner’s manual for the penguin model there.  Beware of some strange comments if you read the reviews of these humidifiers at!  In my opinion they are the best humidifiers available.

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    That is great!

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